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Kudos for you to getting Wi-Fi free! 

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"Something ended up being really wrong: the sight of a loved ones or perhaps a group associated with friends sitting right down to the meal, along with each person glued for you to their smartphone," Nameeta Rajwani, whose loved ones owns the particular restaurant, advised HuffPost. on the actual menu from Antonio's Trattoria Calabria in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, you'll find pasta and also pizza dishes alongside with a hearty small quip aimed at anyone who'd dare work along with an iPhone at the table:  

Nope, it's not. Along With we don't encourage it, either. "Is which something we truly wanted to encourage?"


Antonio's provides clearly mastered an expedient little trick in which American eateries should borrow: the restaurant made a decision to go Wi-Fi free, nevertheless they also explained his or her decision to diners throughout an effort in order to remind them the real reason they went out to consume within the initial place. 

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